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Heavy lifting and transport
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Heavy lifting and transport

Heavy lifting and transport


Eversafeairbag heavy lifting and transportation solutions are cost effective andflexible. This echnique needs only compacted ground and minimum facitilies thatis specifally suitable for temporary heavy lift and transport projects.

Eversafeheavy lifting bags are the most strong bags in the world, one piece bag canlift 300-500 tons weight to 50cm height. Another peerless character of ourlifting bags is thy can roll steadily when take the load. So Eversafe heavylifting bags are especially suitable for huge structure lifting and relocation.

Thecommon mega structures had been successfully lifted and moved by airbagsinclude concrete caissons, pumphouses, steel cofferdams, bridge blocks andtanks. All of them have high structure strength and wide bottom. Also there aresome special objects had been relocated by airbags such as water diversionpipes and statues.

In ChinaEversafe Engineering company has moved 200 pieces caissons whose maximum weightreaches 5000 tonnes one piece. Regarding cofferdams, Eversafe has successfullylaunched 2700 tonnes box type and 2200 tonnes double-wall round one.


Solution Advantage

Movingcaisson with airbags can cut off 70% budget comparing with trolley method.

Airbagshave huge contact area with transported objects, so the reaction force is lowthat is good for structure safety.

Airbagscan move strcture strightly in line or steer structure to anywhere.


Facilities of airbags heavy lifting andtransport

Similarto ship launching and docking facilities, the main equipments include winches,airbags and air compressors.

Lift and move Caissons with airbags

Caissonlifting with airbags


To apply airbag lifting technique people need toreserve rooms for deflated airbags when fabricate caissons. Generally there aretwo ways to do it.


1.       TroughMethod


Make lifting troughs when people fabricate thecaisson’s bottom membrane. The troughs are stuffed with compacted sands duringthe caisson fabrication period. Before caisson transport, sands in troughs willbe flushed out by high pressure water. Then marine airbags can be placed in thetroughs to lift caisson. After caisson is lifted transport airbags wll beinserted. When transport airbags are pumped to get necessary the liftingairbags will be deflated and removed. The troughs will be stuffed again withblocks then caisson is ready for transport.

2.       Beam/blockMethod

Block method is simple compare with trough methodand suits for temporary caisson building and transportation. The blocks can beconcrete beams or H type girders whose height should be 30-50 centimeters. Thespace of blocks is decided by airbags’ diameter, generally should be not lessthan 2 meters and stuffed with wet sands during caisson fabrication period.


When caisson is ready, Stuffed sands between beamswill be flushed out by high pressure water to make rooms for lifting airbags.When caisson is lifted from beams by airbags, beam will be removed.

Move Caisson with Airbags

To move caissons from constrction site to thejetty, generally people need to move caisson transversely to the vertical moveposition then place supporting blocks to replace airbags. With airbags aredeflated they will be hauled out and relocated vertical to new move direction.

Winches are employed in the caisson transportproject, one is to offer pulling forward force, another is designed to hold thecaisson. The two winches will be operated in coordinated manner, one pullsanother releases, one stops another stops also. Considering the move stabilitythe working heights of airbags is generally between 40-50 centimeters. Seeairbag caisson transport calculation to know the operation safety. To floatcaissons, people usually move caisson aboard semi-submersible barge or floatingdry dock for launching.


Caisson may be launched directly by marine airbagsif there are suitable conditions , usually high tide difference will beessential . People will move caisson to the sea in low tide then wait for hightide to float caissons. Marine airbags are ofter used as floating assistant tofloat caisson in high tide time.


Working efficiency of mrine airbag caisson transport

Comparing with trolley launch method airbag caissonlaunch is slow but not so slow. One group people can launch three caisson intwo days which can satisfy the construction demand.