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Marine Salvage and Refloatation

Marine Salvage and Refloatation

Everblue marine salvage airbag is the best choice for 100-2000tons buoyancy need.Its good characters of easy transportation and store, littledemand of maintence make the salvage works more flexible and cost-effective.Not only act as buoyancy bags, Eversafe salvage bags are versatile , they canjack up stranded vesssels and roll them back into water. In tsunami disasterssalvage works, those bags played a important role.


Marine salvage works are always complex, they need combination ofmany equipments to achieve success. Salvage marine airbags can be used to offerbuoyancy to make up the shortage of lifting capacity from barge crane. Salvageairbags can be attached to shipboard or stuff into cabins to offer buoyancyassistance. People should control the lifting speed to allow airbags haveenough time to vent expanding air by over-pressure valves . Generally thelifting speed is controlled at 1 meter per minute.


The design of salvage airbag binding method varies for differentprojects. Also it is very important for the success of salvage. The length andmaterial of binding belts should be decided by calculation. Rubber belts areofter used to bind salvage airbags together and nylon ropes are found to begood fix airbags to objects. Knitted net with good selected nylon ropes ispreferred when people want to assemble airbags to refloat objects.



Salvage marine airbags can be inserted between vessel bottom andseabed to lift sunk vessel which can partly restore buoyancy of vessel itself. Each salvage marine airbag can liftmore than 200 tons heavy under the water. For stranded vessel salvage thisheavy lift function is extremely useful. To send a stranded ships back to watermarine airbag is the most convenient tool. People can insert airbags to thebottom of vessel and then inflate them. With the pull of a tugboat or push of abulldozer, ship can easily move into water with the roll of airbags.


Using buoyancy of salvage airbags, launching ship or structure witinsufficient water leverl becomes to be possible. In some caisson launchprojects salvage airbags have been proved to be very helpful. Without buoyancytanks or bags, if watr level is not enough for launch , people have to build haveto build caisson for the second time after the bases are launched. EversafeMarine had successfully asssted 5000 tons lightweight vessels and 8000 tonscaisson’ launch with salvage bags in low water season.