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Foam Filled Fender
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Foam Filled Fender

Foam Filled Fenders

Everblue Maritime is China leading manufacturer of high performance foam filled fenders, floating fenders for the marine and offshore industry.

Foam filled fenders is one kind tough heavy-duty floating fenders system for harbor, offshore and ship-to-ship application. Foam fenders are able to absorb 40% more energy than similar sized pneumatic rubber fenders, with relatively gently reaction force as compared to other marine fenders system.

Advantages of Foam Filled Fenders

Foam filled fenders are constructed with closed-cell, energy absorbing resilient foam laminated layers, nylon filament reinforced, tough polyurethane skin. This construction offers a number of important features and advantages.

●  High energy absorption and low
reaction force
●  Wide range of standard and customer size     ●  Tough, nylon filament reinforced polyurethane skin      
●  Unsinkable design even if skin is punctured    ●  Low Maintenance   ●  Easy installation     ●  Burst Resistance

Construction of Foam Filled Fenders 

Foam filled fenders are fabricated with closed-cell resilient foam filled, with tough polyurethane elastomer skin, reinforced with nylon filament.
Foam Filled Fenders Construction

a.  Foam filled fenders are filled with highest quality 100% closed-cell foam. This specific foam can provide high energy absorption with relatively low reaction force. Even the skin was punctured, it also is unsinkable without absorbing water. With our unique laminating process, each foam core is integrity. The foam filled fenders core
cannot be ruptured when compressed.

b.  Netless foam filled fenders skin is constructed of polyurethane elastomer which is reinforced with nylon filament. The polyurethane skin is unique elastomer specifically for fender applications. More thick filaments and elastomer are applied to both ends to better resist the defection and shearing force.

c.  Comprising through central steel tube and external load distribution flanges at each end. Heavy duty internal chain connecting the end fitting through central tube is applied to transmit tensile load through the fender. All end fitting of foam filled fenders are hot-dip-galvanized.

Performance of Foam Filled Fenders

Foam filled fenders are normally supplied with standard capacity. Low reaction capacity, or high capacity also are available upon request.


All Everblue Maritime Ever-Guard netless foam filled fenders are manufactured comply with US Navy and Coast Guard specification, and PIANC Guidelines.