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Floating Pneumatic Rubber Fender

Everblue Floating PneumaticRubber Fender 

General introduction

High-pressure floating pneumatic rubber fender is an anti-clossion device for marine application in the world. 

It is made of synthetic-cord-reinforced rubber sheet with compressed air inside to enable it to float on the sea surface and work as a shock absorber when ship to ship transfer operation and ship to dock berthing and mooring operations.


Everblue floating pneumatic rubber fenders fully company with all requirements on ISO17357-1:2014 Sstandard. Our products are certificated by CCS, DNV, GL, LR and BV.


Construction  features


The basic body construction of  Floating pneumatic rubber fender consists of outer rubber layers, synthetic-tire-cord layers and inner layers. Please take the picture for reference.

All of these layers are vulcanized together ,and then compress air  inside to enable the fender to float on the sea surface. 


Out rubber layer

The outer rubber layer protects the cord layers and the inner rubber layers from abrasion and other external forces. 

This compound has sufficient tensile and tear strength to withstand any weather condition and hard uasage.

Inner layers

The inner layers seals the pressurized air inside the fenders.

Synthetic-tire-cord layers for reinforcement

Please see below picture to find the difference in arrangement of tyre-cord and canvas fabric.

Example of difference in the physical property 

Synthetic-tire-core arrangement has strength in one direction only while the canvas-fabric arrangement strength is both two directions.Table 1 and Table 2 provide an example of difference in physical properties between these two different materials.

                                                   Table 1- Synthetic tyre cord









Tensile strength




                                                               Table 2  Canvas fabric









Tensile strength




Beading Ring

A steel ring is placed at one end(or both two ends) of the fender and holds the end of core layers.


A steel flange is mounted on the fender, to which an air valve or safety valve can be adapted.


Metal accessories 

All relevant metal accessories including shackles, towing rings, swivels and chain net are made of stainless steel or hot dipped galvanized which are resistant for sea water corrosion

Classification of Floating Pneumatic Rubber Fender

There are two initial pressure rating for Everblue Pneumatic Rubber fender

1. Pneumatic 50 (Initial internal pressure 50 kpa)

2. Pneumatic 80 (Initial internal pressure 80 kpa)

Types of Everblue Pneumatic Rubber fender

Type 1  Net-type Fenders

The pneumatic rubber fenders is covered by a protection net consisting of either chain, wire or fiber and usually with tires or rubber sleeves. 

Type 2 - Sling-type Fenders

The pneumatic rubber fenders is to be used without a protection net. It's easy to hand because of their lightweight.

Note: The floating pneumatic rubber fenders have sometimes been colloquially referred to as “Yokohama Fenders” or “Yokohama type fenders” – ISO 17357-1:2014 Ships and marine technology — High-pressure floating pneumatic rubber fenders.

Everblue Maritime ISO17357-1-2014