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Floating Pneumatic Fenders
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Pneumatic rubber fender with rope net
Pneumatic rubber fender with rope net which is made of synthetic-cord-reinforced rubber sheet with compressed air inside to enable it to float on the water and work as a shock absorber between two ships (ship-to-ship),or between ships and berthing..
Everlue floating pneumatic rubber fender with Chain and tire nets. The purpose of the chain and tire net is to protect the fender body from damage by sharp objects or protrusions such as rough faced quay walls, to distribute sheer forces along the..
Pneumatic Rubber fender with Chain and Tire Net
Pneumatic rubber fender without protection net
Compare with net type pneumatic fender, this type has lower weight.
Fully company with ISO17357:2014-1. Certificated by CCS, DNV, GL, LR and BV.
Floating Pneumatic Rubber Fender