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Contract to supply pneumatic rubber fenders to Mombasa Port, Kenya

Recently, Everblue Maritime was awarded another million of dollars contract, to design, supply and install 12 super pneumatic rubber fenders for Mombasa Port, Kenya.

As the leading manufacturer of floating pneumatic and foam fenders, ship launching marine airbags, Everblue Maritime provides one-stop service for global clients since 2002 includes products design and supply, engineering service etc.

Mombasa Port, the largest port in Kenya, one of the busiest ports in East Africa, between 2002 and 2006 has seen an increase of about 4 million tons in total cargo throughout, a 40% growth in the five years. In order to improve the cargo handling capacity of Mombasa Port, the Kenya Ports Authority invested construction of Second Container Terminal. The first phase includes construction of berth Nos. 20 and 21 with total quay length of 540 meters and a stacking yard of 50 ha, expected to be commissioned in March 2016.

marine rubber fenders systems yokohama type pneumatic fenders

Invited by KPA, Everblue Maritime participate in the bid of pneumatic rubber fenders design and supply for new berths of Mombasa Port. As a manufacturer, Everblue could guarantee inspection and quality control at each stage of the process through thorough testing on both the rubber and the filament reinforcing. A superior technical offering, 100 percent compliance to the specification and the ability to perform and verify extensive material and cyclic testing meant Everblue were the supplier of choice. Everblue Maritime won the order after several rounds of bidding.

In addition to appointed classification society testing, those fenders will be required to undergo full scale performance testing, in which they will be compressed to 60% of their diameter to ensure the required energy absorption characteristics are met. Also there is a requirement for full scale testing to verify fatigue, durability and recovery characteristics of pneumatic fenders.

Before marine fenders delivery, the inspection was carried out by jointed team of LIoyd’s Register and representative of Mombasa Port, strictly follow international standard of floating fenders, ISO 17357. The result of both air tightness, performance and ultimate pressure turn out to be better than the standard demands.

The Mombasa Port get loan from Japanese government and his construction is undertaken by Japanese Company. Compared with YOKOHAMA fenders, Everblue pneumatic fenders are better on the after service, body thickness and end designs, that is why Everblue Maritime can win the contract.

In the fiercely competitive market, Everblue Maritime stick to being themselves, being professional and dedicated to serve global clients with better products and services…