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About Everblue-Maritime
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Company Introduction
Everblue is a new branch of Evergreen Maritime which is one of the globe leading manufacture of marineairbag and ship fenders. While the Everblue brand came into existence only in2013, its parent company has a much longer history. In the last 15..
Everblue has a 15800㎡ producation plant and reseach lab equipped with compeleted research & development facilities.Everblue have invested superlative plant facilities can satisfy clients' requirements of large size product and stringent delivery..
Manufacturing  Facility
Our Qualification
Everblue is the Pioneer and Leader of Marine Airbag and set te standard in the industry.And it is also the World Leading Manufacturer of Pneumatic Fenders , and China Unique Manufacturer complys with ISO17357:2002 . His products are certificated by..
Everblue History
Everblue History