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Floating Pneumatic Rubber Fender
Fully company with ISO17357:2014-1. Certificated by CCS, DNV, GL, LR and BV.
Ship Launching Airbag
Made of heavy-duty synthetic-tire-cord layers with inner and out rubber layers in long cylindrical balloon shape.
Foam Filled Fender
Foam filled fenders is one kind tough heavy-duty floating fenders system for harbor, offshore and ship-to-ship application.
Marine Salvage Airbag
Designed with lifting belts and shackles equipped on the update ship launching air bags.
Pneumatic rubber fender without protection net
Compare with net type pneumatic fender, this type has lower weight.
Heavy Lifting Airbag
The highest lifting capacity of each heavy lifting airbag can reach more than 1,000 ton.
Anchor Pendant Buoys
Being available in a wide range of sizes, can be supplied in suitcase, modular and non-modular type, and in custom and standard..
Surface Support Buoys
Being used in single point mooring (SPM) system.Three main types- cylindrical buoys, chain-through buoys and pick-up buoys.


A 300-foot barge from another 300-foot barge launching


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